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Doxing Service

- $30 - $50

Need to find out who that email/username/ip belongs to ? Contact us so you can find out.

Blackmailing Service

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Know someones dirty secrets ? Contact us and we can make some dirty money.

Buy Tools Made By The Doxtor

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We have a selection of tools that can be used for various things. All of these are made by The Doxtor

Tools For Sale

List of Tools that are currently for sale.

Call Jammer-Verified Version-$50

With this tool you will be able to jam up phone lines.

Call Jammer-Unverified Version-$40

With this tool you will be able to jam up phone lines.

Auto Dox Tool - Coming Soon !

This tool assist in doxing any email automatically.

It was a pleasure doing buisiness with the Doxtor we discussed pricing and what I needed done, He then completed the job promptly. Would recommend to anyone that is interested in his services !

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You should be a hard worker that can follow instructions. No skills are needed, But applicants with skills that can boost our profits will be acccepted.

The Doxtor


I'm The Doxtor I have 4+ years experience in doxing and social engineering. I've just started this site to offer my services to people who need it.

You ?

When applying tell me a little bit about yourself, your skills and your experiences, A well made application has a better chance at being accepted.

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